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November 22, 2011 / gem

2011 at Coal Stove Sink

It was a busy year at Coal Stove Sink. We had plenty of guests, both personal friends and professional friends (some both). I think an index or sorts may be in order just so I can remind myself of all the good times. Here’s who visited us on the business side of the friend front in 2011:
Adam Stubblefield
Charlie Miller
John Steven and Devon
Matt Green
Rajiv Sinha
Jason Witty
Florence Mottay
Marco Morana
Jacob West (posting should be done “momentarily”)
Jennifer Stitt
Markus Jacobssen (first entry)
Jim Routh
Ben Jun
Brian Chess (during the BSIMM3 Summit)
Matias Madou
Nate Fick and Kristin Lord (for dinner)
Jason Hills and Hayley Feldman-Hills

And from the dear old friends and family list (and some of the business people really belong here too):
Steve Wassel and Celeste
Rhine Singleton, when we recorded luminous
Bill and Emily Shepherdson
Doug Blank and Laura Blankenship
Uncle Chris
The Elder Mariner

We loved having you all visit and we hope you come back in 2012.

Snow on the rope bridge in early 2010. Merry solstice all.

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