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May 21, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest

City Guy gets Reacquainted with the Earth

Our host is amazing. Truly. After trying to sync up travel schedules for months, I finally figured out a flight path that would land me near the farm and guesthouse. Having completed several meetings in the city, I packed up my suits and ties, put on my jeans and sneakers, and drove out.

Getting to our host’s home in the early afternoon, I was greeted by four of the most friendly dogs I’ve met in a while. We had a couple of absolutely amazingly exotic mixed drinks and then walked out through the fields to to river. After a short walk, we ran into a herd of black bulls blocking our path. Expertly guiding us around them, and reminding me that if they charge we should stand our ground and look confident, my host and I continued on for a fantastic walk. On return we had fantastic wine and cheese at a table by the river, accessible over our host’s home-made rope bridge. Then came great, relaxing conversation, ending when the time came to prepare dinner.

The swinging rope suspension bridge inspired by Indiana Jones.

Wow – how can a guy be this talented in this many areas? Information technology, computer science, farming, construction, mixology, music, and now…. he actually has a chef’s hat???? It took him all of about 20 minutes to expertly prepare quail pollenta for 6. Amazing.

We finished the night with a rum tasting outside on the porch, and I then had a great nights sleep right next to the coal stove sink.

In the morning my host lifted a couple of chickens, grabbed their eggs, and cooked me an awesome breakfast. I returned home, refreshed and reinvigorated.

Definitely recommend the Coal Stove Sink guesthouse to anyone looking to have intellectual conversation in a fun, eco-friendly atmosphere.

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