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January 15, 2016 / coalstovesinkguest

Deer, Rum, and No Plastic Showers

It was a unique experience to stay with the CoalStoveSink.  Most impressive, it was difficult to locate any plastic, including the non-plastic shower.  There appears to be a plastic forcefield around the entire area.  However, the forcefield failed to prevent a herd of deer from unwisely entering the property.  The hotel CoalStoveSink mouthwash was most refreshing. Weird that Scope now labels their mouthwash as “Rum.”  Hot water worked very well.  Would be nice to have a working onsen, however.  Consider a Winter Solstice residual heat sauna by adding copper pipes and proper steam regulators to the bonfire.  Two thumbs up.

IMG_8229 IMG_8232

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