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March 20, 2015 / coalstovesinkguest

Pi Day at the Coal Stove Sink

On 3/14/15, pi day extraordinaire, I hopped over from DC post conference for celebrations chez Coal Stove Sink. This was my first solo visit that I can recall. I was so caught up in the celebrations, I took zero pictures. We started at an art show and post show party, but at 9:26:53 on the dot, we cut some pi(e). We also had pi-based musical accompaniment, which was weird. I had apple and pecan (peee-can, not pah-cahn) pie. And there were drinks of course: corpse reviver, blue moon, Berryville passage, and something else I can’t remember. We had oodles of fun, ending the evening with silly anagram versions of all our names, most of them sounding slightly pornographic. The least dirty one was mandate sniffer. And even that could go either way.

The evening ended for me with a collapse into a warm bed. I woke way too early the next morning, as I always do, but there was coffee followed by eggs and biscuits. After letting all that settle, I headed back home, saying goodbye to Coal Stove Sink until next time.

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