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June 14, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest

Presidents and lost bread

After a very enjoyable time with my hosts, and one of the best vodka/cranberry cocktails I have ever had, I went and snuggled in the comfy bed next door.

I woke up to a beautiful silent morning, and took my time getting ready, using the NP (no plastic)-shower and the coal stove sink. The animals were starting their day as well, and I enjoyed waking up the hens with my hostess and visiting their very own citadel.

Breakfast was composed of delicious pain perdu, and of some (undisclosed) parts of Sarkozy and Berlusconi. Being the vegetarian that I am, I decided to stick with the pain perdu, and left the body parts to my hosts who seemed to enjoy them very much.

We then had to leave to head back to the city life in my host’s Honda s2000 (yes I did yell a few times).

Thank you all again, I really enjoyed my time at the Coal Stove Sink guesthouse; not being the outdoorsy type I would not dream of achieving self-sufficiency like Thoreau did in his Walden years, but I certainly enjoy the countryside in these conditions!

PS: No presidents were harmed in the making of this story – just pigs.

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