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July 18, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest

Respite for a Busy Mind

I felt the calm of the balmy summer afternoon surround me as soon as I stepped foot on the grounds of this lovely spot. The horses roamed the fieds, the light breeze blew through the leaves, and the air sat warm all around me.

It was simply divine! After spending a few days whirling through corporate busy-ness, I needed this diversion. We gathered on the rocks in the river, the host and I, and had what was a delightful exchange of ideas about our work. Nice setting for meeting! I especially enjoyed the almost floating cooler of brews and a choice of lime or lemon. How unique to have a choice in such a rural setting! The added benefit of the afternoon soak was the unexpected fish “bodicure”. What will the river folks think of next?

Coal Stove Sink now has a porch.

The hostess of this respite is simply the most pleasant person, poised with intelligence, patience with barnyard antics and a lively level of enthusiasm for the Women’s USA Soccer Team ! Go USA!

Love the bar. Wish I could have stayed for more samples of the bartender’s favorite creations with the most diversely stocked bar I’ve ever seen. Three cheers for the rum concoction of the evening!

Dinner was tastey and I especially reaping the harvest from the garden and getting our river shoes extra mucky. What fun to trapse around covered in mud, and feeling most appropriate doing so.

Thank you to my host and hostess…I’ll be eager to return soon!

~your guest~

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