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September 22, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest


I’ve never seen bigger hornets. They were the size of walnuts. They were so big, I wondered if I’d ever actually seen hornets before. Happily, there seemed to be a big dog phenomenon in effect: the hornets were calm and didn’t seem particularly interested in the people in their midst. A few came in to sleep with me in the guest house. I left them alone, they left me alone. They did wake me up in the morning wanting to be let out. More like dogs than any insect I’ve encountered before.

Major building news. They’ve cleaned up the small shed that used to hold miscellaneous gardening equipment and other tools. New deck too and picnic table too! They call it the “apothecary shed.” I think that might be an old-fashioned way of saying “meth lab,” but I really wouldn’t know. In any case, it’s cute and nicely done. The photo below has the shed in front, with the guest house behind to the left and just the smallest slice of barn behind to the right. Some inside shots below that.

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