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January 16, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest

What a sweet place!

Imagine waking up too late, and it is raining, then you miss the train, and your umbrella breaks. And that report is not due next week but tomorrow. You forgot your lunch and eat something from a vending machine. Returning home at night, imagine the grime of the construction site next to your home, and the wrappers and cans left on the lawn. And somebody turns on the radio but you can only hear the drum and the humming of voices.

No, none of that.

Instead, imagine waking up in peace, sunshine filtering in, a wagging dog prowling around outside, the horses just awake, too, a bit further off down towards the smoking river where cows occasionally take involuntary baths as they try to  find their way back to their side of the fence. In the kitchen, coffee, breakfast, and a gem of a host, reading his email. A bath after breakfast, but no cows that time. Then off, ah, you wish you could stay longer.

Markus Jakobsson

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