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March 3, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest

Cows and Artichokes


At some point I realized that I had come a lot farther than I’d planned to.  First it was the signs for famous civil war battlefields, then it was when I had to stop to let an oncoming car use the one lane of a small bridge.  But I was glad I made the trip — I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience.  My hosts were extremely generous, and took time out from their busy lives to put up with me.  The farm is wonderful, the guesthouse is beautiful, and there’s even a giant Steinway in the middle of it.  (Which I would have liked to play, but I probably wouldn’t have done it any favors).

We did have a few worrisome minutes when the new puppy disappeared during a walk through the fields next to the farm.  With the busy river on one side and the ornery-looking cows on the other, there seemed like plenty of room for a dog to get in trouble.  But she was just a puppy and had decided to go home without us.  Not bad.  My New York City-apartment dogs would have lasted for about ten minutes on a farm.

A few miscellaneous thoughts:

  • I wanted to find something nice to say about artichoke bitters.  Unfortunately I can’t.
  • Always bring your towel into the shower with you.
  • If the bull comes at you, you’re supposed to hold your ground.  Do not run.
  • There have been some amazing technological advances in the area of wood fire starting, at least since I was a kid.

Thanks again for the wonderful evening.

Cows have never liked me and the feeling is mutual.


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