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August 4, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest

Guesthouse 2 or Coal Stove Sink 1…take your pick

This was my second visit to the guesthouse or my first visit to the Coal Stove Sink since my first visit did not include a coal stove sink…only a guesthouse. Of course my first visit didn’t include running water either. But let’s face it, Running Water is not as cool a name for a guesthouse as Coal Stove Sink. In fact, the coal stove sink is one of the most remarkable items in the guesthouse and certainly worthy of the name. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sink inside a coal burning stove before. It looks like a throwback to another era but this throwback actually functions. Oh, and so does the shower which I need to mention that for two reasons: [our host] likes showers or at least he likes to observe them and write about them, and I usually find myself in need of a shower when visiting the farm or the river or both. I can’t overlook the sturdy porch where Ike stands watch. Gives it a nice country feel with the rocking chairs.

All in all, guesthouse 2 or Coal Stove Sink 1 was very enjoyable although I am a wee bit biased since the Old Vine Zinfadel, Malbec and even the Virgina Cabernet Franc provide an excellent warm up for the flights of Kentucky Bourbon.

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