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January 4, 2012 / coalstovesinkguest

Coal Stove Sink 2012

My third visit to the coal stove sink made another favorable impression on me despite the high expectations. My first observation was how the name of this abode (Coal Stove Sink) fits like a glove now that it is established. The glove is fitting in more ways than one given the winter weather of 7 degrees last night but I was nice and cozy thanks to the piano. What does the piano have to do with heat in the winter you ask? Well if it wasn’t for the piano in the Coal Stove Sink, the thermostat might be set significantly lower. As it was, the warmth was welcomed following a late night climb from the main house up the crunchy grass (crunchy due to the deep frost). I was able to sleep late and enjoy the sounds of early morning in my nice warm bed.

Polyphonic shaving. Maybe it's best to stay fuzzy.

I did note that this is the second time I had to shave using the sink and run into the bathroom to check out my face in the mirror before running back to the sink to rinse my razor. However this minor inconvenience is insignificant in the scheme of my visit since I’m not sure anyone really cares whether I shave or not.

I would not hesitate to visit in the winter again given this pleasant experience. The animals remain active outside and the sounds are much better than the sounds of surburbia or an urban hotel. It remains a truly unique experience which is all the more reason that the name [CSS] fits like a glove.

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