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January 17, 2013 / gem

2012 at Coal Stove Sink

It was another great year at Coal Stove Sink in 2012.

We love having the guesthouse around because it means we get lots of interesting visitors to enrich our lives. And it helps me keep a handle on the travel I do for work. Without further ado, here is the index for 2012.

We’ll start with business-related visitors first (most of whom are already great friends):
Jim Routh
Marcus Ranum
All the Cigital Principals for a Technical Offsite
Paco Hope
Dan Cornell
John Dickson
Ralph Langner [visit two]
Jeff Cohen
Jacob West (who finally wrote a proper entry!) [visit two]
Cetin Koc
Thomas Herlea
Rick Dietz
Antti Vähä-Sipilä
Florence Mottay

Plenty of friends and family stayed at Coal Stove Sink too:
Dad and Laura
Doug and Laura
Ben Claasen III
Aunt Gaye and Jerry
Bill and Em
Steve and Celeste
Rhine SIngleton
Uncle Chris

Probably the most memorable time I spent actually in the guesthouse this year was working sets using the sound board with The Bitter Liberals before a concert. It was there that we first invented the Berryville Passage. Great music, great friends and great times.

By the way, one important side benefit of visiting Coal Stove Sink is the world class mixology to be found at the bar down the hill (in the living room). The obsession continues unabated.



The collection (well, part of it anyway).

The collection (well, part of it anyway).

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