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October 28, 2012 / coalstovesinkguest

We are family, and glad for it!

Me, the original gem, is old enough to know that Easy is possible, and Ease can be abundant.  And so it was, on this warm interlude towards the end of our October Road Trip.

Geeks do this for old relatives: email detailed directions to the farm.  More fun than following them though, and easier: phone in our ETA, and discover our fine host (and First Nephew) is at the local grocery store, and so are we!  Catch him at the check-out. (What!  What!  Cilantro?)

We follow him home and the hounds are loosed for a proper welcome.  Our host and hostess gear-up, after ascertaining that old aunt can still get about on her own accord.  Yes!  So, let there be a vigorous and treacherous stroll through fences, cow pastures, and on the Very Edge of north-flowing waters.  The youngun’s give old auntie a hand where needed.  And she, with purple walking stick in firm grasp, remains upright (unless bum-sliding across a fallen tree, or two, blocking the path).                  

                             Voila!..mid-way: soft seating!  Yea.
                               Oh, shucks—just for dogs, it seems.

Those who survive the stroll are rewarded by permission to access the fancy suspension bridge.  It is appropriately bounced, as well as admired.
We sit by the river a while, and family stories flow.  More are told as we take our Ease on the screened porch (where tales, mostly true, are “liberal”ly fueled). 

A most luscious meal (hold that cilantro!—pour that wine!) is centerpiece to more conversation, and passionate opinions about ice-makers.  One son actually talks to his Gr’aunt and Gr’uncle.  The other smiles his five words.  Good times.  Auntie loves ALL of them.

                          Dessert is sweet: rousing music in rehearsal by a talented quartet—
                          just inches away from me, blissful in the g-d orange chair. 
Good, good times—until a late “Good night”.
Indeed.  The black night our only curtains.  The “cozy” double bed a novelty for us.  We sleep as well as any Queen and King, and arise for the farm’s breakfast for four.  Fresh eggs, lattes, a bit of fried pig, and more family fables, and/or foibles.

Alas, the interlude comes to an end.  Bidding fond farewells, we head north to dip our toes in history—verbal directions rattling in our heads.  Oh, my.  We should have known the comment about a “real” T-intersection implied a “faux” one, but we figured it out when our “road” ended in a barn.  Good thing Fortitudine* is a genetic trait!  (*Turn around if you must, but carry on!)

Yes, yes.  It was an Easy visit.  Comfort and Ease prevailed.  And Love.  We are family, and glad for it. 


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