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August 2, 2012 / coalstovesinkguest

Waking up in a Guest House of a friend ..

After a 10h-flight and 1h-drive, and a relaxing (light) dinner (garden fresh tomatoes & eggs) with my beautiful and generous hosts, I went to bed in the guest house, and not really thinking what that means. But the expected had happened: I woke up right there, in the guest house of a friend’s house in a small town along a quiescent river .. it was one of the most relaxing sleeps I had for a long time. I had my guard dog waiting by my door .. perhaps our mutual trust helped us both, and we were happily looking at one another in the morning.

What made this possible? There are a long chain of events .. the final product of several probabilities must have been an infinitesimally small number; so the said chain of events does not really explain anything.

I am going to keep looking for an answer. Until then or even after I find a partial answer, I am grateful to the current owners for opening their doors to an unknown person.

Thank you.


Waking up in the Guest House

My Guardian Angel

Hiking by the River

The Suspension Bridge – The dexterity & inventiveness of my host is at work

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