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July 21, 2012 / coalstovesinkguest

Summer Goodness

PeacockOnce again, we had the privilege of staying at the Coal Stove Sink guest house.  The best thing about it is by far the bathroom, which I took advantage of on multiple occasions. It’s very nicely done with beautiful tile, and the water pressure is fabulous.  In addition to being able to shower to wash off the summer heat, we spent a nice restful evening in the guest house, sleeping in until past 9:30, very unusual for us.Goat snacking

The grounds are, of course, lovely.  We spent some time lazing around in the river, wandering around the fields, admiring the garden and the animals.  Just near the guest house reside a peacock and some goats, who pretty much ignored us, except when they were showing off.

Peacock showing offIt was a nice end to a long journey for us, for me, all the way from India to Indiana, and then to the Coal Stove Sink and back home again.

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