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July 10, 2012 / coalstovesinkguest

A Post Behind, a Visit Short

A Post Behind

I’m writing this entry under much duress, having totally neglected an entry on my last visit and with this one growing increasingly late. My only excuse is that my first trip to the Guest House was so incredibly eventful that my second visit [no post available] seemed comparatively calm.

Coal Stove Sink, it’s owners, and the lovely plot of country on which they reside are a truly special place. This place resides on a boundary. The boundary between high-tech and low-tech. The boundary between city and country. Between land and river. Order and chaos. The boundary is a lovely place to explore, but no two visits are alike and no number of visits prepares you for the next.

Among this visits highlights were a delicious dinner at Volt, an enlightening tour through new bitters and tasty spirits, a 2 hour search through Northern Virginia for an ABC store (that is, a state-owned liquor store) that didn’t exist, and finally the coup de grâce–the welcoming party that greeted me outside my door:

The welcome party consists of a pack of dogs.

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