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November 5, 2011 / coalstovesinkguest

A break from city life…

It took a number of months to get plans finalized to visit the Coal Stove Sink (and its owners, of course). We were thrilled to get the invitation. The experience could not have come at a better time. We were more than ready for an opportunity to leave city life and experience some rural living.
A serious accident on our only route out of the city forced us to arrive much later than anticipated. At the end of the 4+ hour drive came a few miles of pitch-black, winding back roads. After one of us (ahem, the female among us) freaked out that we were going the wrong way, we successfully pulled into the driveway over the bridge and were greeted by some very friendly farm dogs. Our hosts graciously waited until our 9PM arrival to start a delectable dinner of quail, polenta, and brussels sprouts in a hollandaise with an excellently paired red wine. Dinner was followed up by a palate-pleasing journey into mixology, including a test-tube lesson on brandy [actually, that was bourbon]. The drinks were second only to the stories and conversation. There was a dash of business talk in there… just the right amount.

Time flew by and it was time for us to turn in for the night (what? 4 AM already?). We walked up a small hill into darkness, and there it was: a cozy, welcoming guest house, complete with a piano and the Coal Stove Sink! We settled in quickly and buried ourselves under the covers, looking forward to the sight that the morning light would bring. We were not disappointed…

We were awakened by a crisp, beautiful blue sky and an eye-popping view of the property. We headed out to find our host splitting wood. He took a break to treat us to what might be the freshest eggs we have ever had along with expertly-crafted, dry cappuccinos. After breakfast, we spent some time assisting with the log splitting then took a self-guided tour of the property. We visited the chicken coop, the barn complete with goats, took a peek into the apothecary, crossed the rope bridge, and enjoyed the company of the farm dogs and cat.

As much as we wanted to continue to enjoy the farm and its relaxing setting, we sadly had to get going on our drive back to the city life. The owners of the Coal Stove Sink are remarkable hosts and we hope to return the favor when they find themselves in our “neck of the woods.” We had a wonderful stay and cannot thank them enough.

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