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July 20, 2013 / coalstovesinkguest

in “passaggio” a berryville

Now, that’s the way to meet your cousins for the first time.  Forget the formalities…let’s just be who we are.  Penne alla Mitt, Barbera, Barolo, some mysteriously remote and complete supertuscan.  Dinner was delicious, and your family is remarkable.  

Thanks for the jamming without borders session ( ..couldn’t remember some of the chords but it seems our foreign language skills improved for a couple of hours.  


Had a very restful night in the guest house, slalomed coccode’ and chicchiricchi’ at dawn on the way to a delicious breakfast. The dogs wagged their tails and barely said hi, [Sophie] wanted my eggs…good morning cuz. Then on my way back to traffic, deadlines, meetings, and long flights.  Thanks for the 12 hour family vacation!

Should have taken some pictures, if not of us, perhaps the suspended bridge or the barn. But in retrospect, it would not do it justice.  I’ll keep the memory and thank you for the invite back.  Likewise, let me know when you’re ready to shred some turns in the rockies!



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