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July 19, 2013 / coalstovesinkguest

the Fifth Beat


I played a rain-soaked set in Virginia wine country this last Saturday (July 13th), but this was not to be the main event. 

With the storms passed and the sun well-set, it was time to head out to Coal Stove Sink for a little music making.  I arrived to the usual furry and enthusiastic greeting of both the dogs and the owner.

It wasn’t long before the spirits were flowing. A Corpse Reviver #2 was served up.  I’ve never had the good fortune of sampling this beverage and I will say it lives up to its name.  Bliss on the palate that could raise the dead! 

Once we were well-lubricated, the instruments came out.  I showed-up with a handful of new songs and we dove right into these with a peculiar reckless abandon.  You don’t warm up with new material, but I was eager to share and the participants were willing enough to take the chance.  The end result was remarkable and I only wish I had brought something to record the whole affair.  

My lovely girlfriend arrived later in the night, providing a brief intermission. We all dove into the bit pile, exchanging tunes and musical commentary. But, the instruments could now be ignored. We grooved our way into some (not-so) old favorites.  The spirits continued to flow as did the inspiration. 

Onto covers! A raucous version of the Doors LA Woman erupted to my personal glee. There were sing-alongs and general merry-making. It was late when the music finally stopped and details of the final numbers are admittedly hazy. One of the last numbers we worked on was something new and it was decided that the chorus needed a five beat cadence. At that late hour, this was a bit difficult to wrap one’s head around–even still, things made sense. Yes, it was a memorable night of music making.

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