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December 12, 2010 / coalstovesinkguest

no curtains… and a thrill of an alarm

I too stayed at the guest house before plumbing, and before… curtains.  It did have electricity, and I remember wondering if anyone was taking a peek from the main house as I changed for bed by the light of the lamp.  The bed was comfy and the sounds of the country comforting.  The dinner and drinks were fantastic and made me wish my home life wasn’t quite so hectic as to prevent homemade meals on a regular basis.

Then, early in the morning as the sun was making its appearance and I was burrowing my head under the covers to keep from awakening, came a sudden and very loud “HONK!”.  I couldn’t figure out what the sound was.  “Those damn kids” was my first thought.  But then, it turned out to be… the resident peacock greeting the sun.

I rolled out of bed, put on some shoes, collected my clothes and toothbrush, and headed to the main house to get ready for the day (I’m looking forward to a visit with running water!). Got a walking tour from my host… beautiful river and countryside.  Ended my stay with the host taking me on a lovely drive to Baltimore for a visit to Johns Hopkins.

-Kay Connelly

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  1. showertaker / Dec 13 2010 9:13 am

    Curtains are unlikely to ever make an appearance in the guesthouse, not because we’re peeping Toms, but rather we love the sun.

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