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December 12, 2010 / coalstovesinkguest

Life in the Guest House

Others have remarked “waking up in the morning to a sun or smell the freshness in the air”… which I agree belongs to this special Guest House not far from the river nestled in the woods. “There is something in the air that makes you feel so fresh and lively. Overall, it was like experiencing all the excitement of living in nature, yet having all the comforts of home. The colors were brighter, the smells sweeter, and the drinks tastier.” I do concur. “The food is great. The bar can’t be beat,” by all means the truth as I see it!  Having visited for this Halloween past and for this Thanksgiving’s repast, the comforts of visiting the ‘coal stove sink’ hideaway are great. Not to mention the pleasures awaiting you in the ‘great house’ nearby.

But it has not always been so. True, great food has always been beautifully presented to enjoy. Five star. And each time I visit the bar, it surpasses the time before. Can one achieve more than five stars? But the Guest House before the coal stove sink; before the tiled shower; before running water; yes, even before plumbing made life more difficult.

Case in point: a cold winter morning; more than a foot of snow; the ‘call of nature’ upon rising; requires a visit outside; a yellow hole in the snow beside the large tree; bad enough; BUT yet sans shower; to wash, one must break the ice; dip in the cold river; with only a snorkel mask to locate your bar of soap; swirling in the icy waters around your frozen knees.

Published by Gary the Elder

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