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January 25, 2015 / coalstovesinkguest

A winter visit with Puck

The winter months are upon us and we once again are bracing for a big storm in the northeast but before the storm hits, it’s time for my annual pilgrimage to see Puck, Skillet, and the rest of the clan on Rookhuman Road.

You may think it a bit strange that I wish to travel 5 or so hours by car in the middle of winter to go see a dog…but this is no ordinary dog. This dog has some cool masters and a family with eclectic interests that serve soul warming food to wash down the wonderfully interesting wine after polishing off a bottle or two of bourbon leading to some typically intense dialog on philosophical foundations of the existential evolution of a divine entity in the universe or lack thereof. So I generally enjoy the friendly banter around the hearth and learn things like Jack’s off to Abu Dhabi for a semester to visit the 68th most expensive city in the world. Puck pointed out that Abu Dhabi means, Father of Deer, in Arabic so evidently he has been following Jack’s lead and learning some Arabic in preparation.

Puck was complaining that he hadn’t seen as much of Jack since he began his time-zone adjustment process earlier in the week to get his body clock aligned with Abu Dhabi time. Evidently Puck’s not a big fan of plane travel…they frown on barking and there are no chickens to chase.

Anyway Puck’s masters prepared an awesome meal of roast beast and asparagus that followed some wonderful French Onion soup that was heavy on the French (lots of bread and cheese). Eli joined the dinner and his father pointed out how helpful Eli has been over the years with the farm chores and specifically the major projects (the Barn, Apothecary, etc.). Eli’s Dad would ask for a cold one and Eli would go running into the house, grab a cold beer from the fridge and then deliver it (following all State and county ordinances) open to Gary with only a small amount of evaporation.

A friend of Puck’s master joined us for dinner (Drew) who may be short of a few things but a boat and many opinions are not two of them. Puck has a way of making everyone feel comfortable at the Farm and as the conversation drifted into politics I was amazed to hear Drew admit to voting for Obama. Now this is the same Drew who joined one of Puck’s masters on election night and beat his chest for the Republicans and now reveals that he actually voted “against” the Republican McCain simply due to his choice of running mates…that Alaskan cheerleader. I asked Puck what he thought of Palin and he told me he thought that she’d make a pretty good dog owner. I have to admit that Drew did make a pretty convincing point with a good amount of F-bombs. Puck’s not a big fan of people that drop f-bombs every other word simply because he thinks someone is calling him in from the porch. He could do without the constant confusion when Drew talks and it’s not that Drew doesn’t smell OK when Puck greets him; it’s just hard for Puck to get some shut-eye when he thinks every other sentence is referring to him!

Drew left at a reasonable time and Puck escorted him to his car. He then came inside and was fortunate to be let inside to feel the warmth of the fire. After listening to cosmic conversations about the origin of the Milky Way and the local art scene in Zeenaville from his masters it was time to make the short journey to the guesthouse. Puck showed me the way and immediately made certain the bed was safe for sleeping by jumping up on it. By the time I brushed my teeth and got into the bed, Puck had stretched out fully and was starting to snore. Of course I wanted to replay the events of the evening with him but he was more into sleep.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.59.44 PM

The next morning arrived and it was time for some fresh eggs, one of Puck’s master’s is a great cook, and freshly squeezed OJ. As I walked to the car escorted by Puck after saying my goodbyes, he told me to make sure that I come back soon. I agreed and drove off taking one last look at the river.

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