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November 17, 2013 / coalstovesinkguest

October Visit

We visited our hosts in October and arrived in daylight hours so that we could take a hike along the river.  Our host and an abundance of dogs accompanied us along the river and over farmland.  We encountered this abandoned house:


If I were a film scout, I would definitely have this on my list as a sight for a horror movie.  Then we stumbled upon this sacrificial alter:


Or maybe it was just a burn pile. Before I could think, we were charged by a pack of zombie chickens:


Or maybe they were just hungry, but I never know how to read their beady little eyes.  I wish I had a picture of “My Little Pony” who decided to be my friend for the day, but maybe he was just missing Horsey who had made an unexpected exit that weekend. 

That evening we ate a delicious dinner, had stimulating conversation, and some of us thought we solved the worlds problems over a drink or two.





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