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March 24, 2013 / coalstovesinkguest

Scotching Bourbon at Coal Stove Sink

For the uninitiated, the Coal Stove Sink Guesthouse is an amazing experience.

Great location. Great people (especially the bar tender-disc jockey-sous chef).

Warning: be prepared to drink, talk, laugh, debate (pick any subject), drink, laugh, listen to great music (a truly eclectic mix), drink and laugh some more.  Did I mention the drink part?

The house specialty is called a “Liberal” an insane cocktail concoction that lives up to its name in numerous ways:  Liberal = liberal types and quantities of spirits, liberally served and consumed, causing liberation from many inhibitions.

[from noplasticshowers, The Liberal
.75 oz Bourbon (I like to use Pappy van Winkle 20 when I am feeling adventurous, but definitely something cask strength)
.75 oz Sweet vermouth
.3 oz Amer Picon (or Torani Amer if you live in the states and always run out of Amer Picon)
Add a dash of Orange Bitters but only if you are using Torani Amer in order to help it simulate the real thing (I use both Fee Brothers and Regans as the mood strikes me)
Stir over ice, serve up with a cherry.]

My evening included two or three Liberals (I don’t remember exactly), a shared bottle of wine over a wonderful meal talking about a wide range of subjects from the frivolous to the serious touching on everything from public policy to family.

The night was capped with an alchemist’s cocktail (something I am sure was stolen directly from Severus’ closet) and a final effort to turn a Scotch man to the Dark Side (Bourbon and its wiley ways).  This attempt failed, but the ordeal was wonderful.

Eagle Rare 17, as close to Scotch as you can get and remain pure.

Eagle Rare 17, as close to Scotch as you can get and remain pure.

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