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January 27, 2013 / coalstovesinkguest

Braving the arctic air

Sorry this post is shy of too many pictures.  When I was at the guesthouse, the temperature was so low that cameras (even those on phones) ceased to work.  The temperature was so low that even the animals needed to be brought inside against their wishes.  I witnessed firsthand just how hard a man will work to type the word “Yes” in an email to his bride.  My host’s wife was traveling and emailed back to make sure the goats and horses and chickens and dogs and cats and even the peacock were brought inside for the rare evening that temperatures were too cold for these seasoned animals.  My host braved the arctic freeze to gather the animals … and, pleased as could be with himself, gave his wife an affirmative.  What a man will do to please his woman!

These dogs don't think it is all that cold (but don't tell Laurie). [picture by Xena.]

These dogs don’t think it is all that cold (but don’t tell Laurie). [picture by Xena.]

After a day of intense discussions on empirical studies of software security and a brisk hike up and down the river, my host prepared delectable salmon pasta accompanied by a fine choice of wine.  Over our dinner discussion, I was inspired to actually learn about the local wines during my international travels!  I will join the others who have posted that they were “over served” at the bar in the main house.  My host takes mixology to a new level with almost no bottle at the bar available to the common folk who simply go to their local ABC store.  Dessert consisted of a family recipe of yummy chocolate with my own addition of blueberries, which I see were shared with the visitors who came after me that week.

The guesthouse was a warm haven in the arctic cold.  It was hard to pry myself out of the HOT shower in the morning.  The tile on the shower has inspired ideas for some future shower in some future home I will own at some future time.


Intellectual stimulation and debate, crisp clean air, nature, fine food, good drinks, amazing music (some recorded by my host) … I hope I join others and post some day about my fourth (or more) visit!

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