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December 31, 2010 / coalstovesinkguest

In the spirit of political compromise

Maybe it’s the new bathroom… Maybe it’s the long talks on the front porch… Maybe it’s the strong coffee and fresh eggs… Nah, it’s that Republicans are now welcome. It’s not always been that way, but in this end of 2010 with political compromise – it’s time for a Republican to reach across the aisle on one more issue.

A bit of history is in order – it’s not always been so friendly for a Republican to venture a stay at the guesthouse. In guesthouse 1.0, it was down-right dangerous. See, it’s the dog: Skittle [ed: that would be Skillet]. He hates Republicans or at least mistakes us for fire hydrants or his favorite tree. My first stay at the guesthouse was marked by my “being marked” by Skittle [ed: still Skillet]. The host’s reply was simply, “He hates Republicans.” Now, I am from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, but remember that we recently elected Mr. Brown to replace Mr. Kennedy.

As you might imagine, I came down to visit guesthouse 2.0 (with bathroom) with much trepidation (and my rain boots). In the spirit of political compromise, I was ready to let bygones be bygones, but I was not so certain about Skittle’s position [ed: Skillet is all grown up now and has become a Libertarian Lab]. Gladly, he too was wrapped up in the spirit of compromise and my boots and worries were unnecessary.

Besides the air of political tolerance, there were generous portions of polenta and pork roast, tequila samples (or was it rum … well you get the idea), and a couple of indescribably delicious mixed drinks. You know, I can remember all of the food and the walk out to the bridge, but I cannot recall the business reason that took me there in the first place – must have been a great visit.

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