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December 17, 2010 / coalstovesinkguest

Great (Secret) Guesthouse!

My first visit to the guesthouse was extremely picture-worthy!  So much so that I took many pictures, and have uploaded 5 here — I hope I set the record for number of pictures uploaded t this blog in a single post!  Can you guess where the guest house is, who its host was, or who I am?  If you can sleuth it, I’ll guarantee you an interview! Here are some hints:

The host is world-class, and is known around the globe.  Not only does the host have a library in the guesthouse, but has also made several contributions to it!

Following is the coal stove sink.  Very unique.  From what the host tells me, the artisan who constructed it was unsure of whether or not the job was possible, but the host pushed on and it became possible!  There’s nothing like persistence and determination, no matter what the field.

The guest house looks as follows from the outside.  Beautiful scenery.  Green trees.  Hopefully can help you guess the general location of the guest house a little better.  Try zooming in on the trees, looking at the leaves, and determining the type of tree.  Any leaf collectors out there?

More hints: near a body of water.  Maybe not a large body of water, but a body of water nonetheless.  Vegetation.  Changing of leaf colors.  Getting warmer?

And finally the bridge to the body of water.  The host has done an amazing job on this property.  If you look closely, you can see the host’s dog.  Can you guess what kind of dog?  Where bred?

There’s much information beyond the pictures and words above, including some forensics around this blog, the names of the posters, etc.

Kudos to those who can converge on the location of the guesthouse or discover the secret identity of the host.

— Neil

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